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We seek to exploit the remarkable diversity of soft semiconductors - molecular materials held together by weak van der Waals bonds. In contrast with the painstaking growth requirements of conventional semiconductors, soft semiconductors can be readily and inexpensively deposited on a variety of materials at room temperature.

We focus on two areas: organic light emitting devices, and low cost solar cells. We also have a growing interest in low energy switches.


Two approaches to building solar cells. (a) Pulling a silicon crystal from the melt. The manufacturing of highly ordered semiconductors for solar cells and LEDs is energy intensive and expensive. The energy payback time for Si solar cells is about 2 years. Photo: Texas Instruments. (b) An soft semiconductor circuit in photosynthesis. By exploiting excitons and short range order, the energy payback time in photosynthesis is as short as 2 days. Image: Sundstrom, et al. J. Phys. Chem. B 103, 2327 (1999)

Use the navigation bar at left, or click on a link below for detailed descriptions of our research projects, publications, group members and facilities.

We are members of RLE, MTL, and the Center for Excitonics.

Please address correspondence and all requests for materials to Prof. Marc Baldo.


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